Experience at recording studios

Sonic Ranch

(El Paso, Texas)

While living in Mexico City, I met Felipe Castaneda, chief engineer at Sonic Ranch studios in El Paso Texas. An invitation to go and see the biggest resdiential studio in the world turned into an internship at the same place, and later on in the possibilty of working as producer, recording a Jazz trio led by Chilean-argentinean musician Federico Dannemann. This experience allowed me to get in touch with the analog feel and work-flow of the studio, and to connect with people from the inside of the industry, both artists and audio-engineers. Until today, I have an excellent relationship with people from the studio and they’re open to receive new and exciting projects.

Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio


While living in Rotterdam, I met Simon Akkermans, one of the biggest names in the alternative music scene in the Netherlands. He’s a music producer who has built one of the best places for music creation that I’ve seen so far. This studio is called Epic Rainbow Unicorn, and it has a unique collection of instruments and gear, both modern and vintage, which along with the laid-back vibe of the place and Simon’s carisma, enables the musician to create freely. I’m fortunate enough to have gathered experience in this studio, and I still have a close relationship with him and other people who work at this place.

Estudio Novena

(Mexico City)